A Plumber At The Top Of His Game

My plumber is at the top of his game. These were the words coming out of his mouth as my friend excitedly grabbed everyone’s attention, huddled in a half-circle around the bbq, beers in hand. Others were adding sauce to their sausage hot dog creations with onions and mustard. 

How is a plumber at the top of his game? I am thinking to myself while taking another bite and wiping sauce from the side of my face. They unblock toilets and drains; a crappy job, I laugh to myself. But I also remember my dad saying that if you are willing to do what others aren’t, you will have what others don’t.

So imagine what that would mean if you were at the top of your game—doing more jobs than anyone else, growing your business faster than anyone else, getting more referrals than anyone else, helping more people than anyone else.

The word “plumber” dates from the Roman Empire.[3] The Latin for lead is plumbum.

Being at the top of your game would mean that your customer service is the best, your on-time support is the best, and your customers are happy and willing to refer you to new opportunities. 

We all waited for his story to continue to work out what he meant and also how we could dig at him for sticking his neck out in a group of blokes ready to crucify anyone not willing to back up their stories.

We all had visions of a plumber fixing a blocked sink and his pants falling down showing a big hairy plumbers crack, maybe just wearing a belt would make him be at the top of his game.

No, he said, I’m talking about his business. He was telling me about his marketing. I was interested because most tradies don’t do any marketing and didn’t know where to start. He said he signed up with Ucard Cloud and started getting results. 

  • He updated his website to include keyword terms and phrases.
  • He changed his photos to his team, not generic marketing.
  • Created a Ucard Cloud profile and backlinks.
  • He registered with the Australian Plumbers Directory
  • Created a Google My Business account and updated a Google Maps Profile.
  • He started sending a link from Google My Business asking his clients for Google Reviews.
  • Created a Social Media Profile on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • He has also begun Pay Per Click marketing (PPC) using Google marketing and Facebook.

He seems to have the complete package. As he said, he is on top of his marketing game.